What is Clang

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We love music and are interested in the people behind it. Amazing music is made every day everywhere in the world and we want to give people the opportunity to discover and share it.

The way people experience media changes. Vine for videos, and Snapchat for pictures, show that people want to share content and personalize it in order to tell their very own story. Clang lets them discover, organize, and share music from all around the world.

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At a time when radio stations and music channels alike serve mainstream tastes, there is a growing need for individuality and authentic discovery, without preselection.

Thousands of independent labels exist worldwide. The digitalization of music production and sales has given many more artists access to the market, thereby increasing the need for independent producers.

Clang provides artists with the opportunity to make themselves, and their music, known, create a fan base, emotionally bind their listeners, and get a fair share of the revenue.

We're currently in beta, stay updated with our latest changes.

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